Hire Me

Went to a design career fair at UW and made these little packets to leave behind with my favorite firms. Each packet has three projects inside with a brief description and images on the back side.

Hand-painted Easter Eggs

I spent the Easter weekend with a girlfriend because both of our husbands were gone. We made monkey bread, watched Frozen, went shopping (and got matching shoes), and painted some eggs before heading to church on Easter. It was the perfect girls weekend. We used the same black ink that I use for my hand lettering. The contrast between the white/tan eggs and black ink is so pretty. I haven’t done Easter eggs in years and was so glad we didn’t pass it up this year.

Inside My Workspace

Since my man and I run our photography/design business from home full time, we wanted to put a little effort into our office. Our workspace was recently featured on  The Define Blog, so I finally took some photos of it.

Finding an affordable, stylish desk that was long enough for two was a challenge. When I finally found one, Yuriy said he could build it himself. He was right... I love the way our desk turned out and Yuriy scored major manly points.

 This is where we work (and distract each other) side by side.