Baking and Life

I threw a little party on our rooftop  to celebrate my 25th birthday last week. I decided it would be a challenge to cook for 20+ people and bring everything up 5 flights of stairs, so we ordered pizzas, and instead of cooking all day, I had time to bake a cake. What a relief. I was having a ball baking in the kitchen that morning, music turned up, and took some photos throughout the process.

That night when we were about to eat it, I realized I never got a shot of the finished cake and couldn't help feeling a little sad (I don't bake often, and this cake turned out better than I expected). How I got so many shots of the process and forgot to snap one at the end slightly blows my mind. After I went through the photos though, I realized the process of frosting, slicing berries, and layering was just as beautiful as the finished product.

It was a good reminder. The messy, non-perfect experience of getting somewhere is often more beautiful and memorable than the destination (that's my 25 year old wisdom speaking).

Hey you.

Welcome to my new, and not just new, but first design portfolio! I got tired of scratching my head, looking for an answer every time someone asked "where can I see your work online?" 

I hope to keep this site/blog updated with new work and current inspiration. I'm already juggling a photography and travel blog, so you and I probably shouldn't expect frequent posts. I love blogging because it forces me to go through my photos and journal my experience, so I'm looking forward to keeping a record of my design work and creative growth here. 

Thank you for stopping by!

- Julia

Rainy day blogging from you-know-where (Seattle).

Rainy day blogging from you-know-where (Seattle).